Summer 22' Mixed Case

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Getting a taste of Aasha and our Okanagan terroir. Our Spring/Summer 22' Mixed Case features one bottle of each of our current releases, The Savant, Little Monster, Time, and From Here On In. A rich textural Viognier, a unique aged rosé, a powerful Cab Sauv, and a smooth and silky Syrah.

A dense & expressive white with an innate quality of easy sophistication, this is a Viognier with its moon in Loire Valley Chenin: plush, round & in no way cloying. A judicious touch of oak-aging gives us opulent texture without the overbearing flavour profile, allowing the essence of the grape to take centre stage. More than anything, this is a wine about fruit: think mango gelato, sparkling IKEA pear drink (if you know you know), caramelized pineapple, or a crystal goblet of tropical fruit salad eaten on a hotel patio in Capri. The mouthfeel is like wearing satin pyjamas while sleeping on satin bedsheets, & its endless finish simply longs to stun alongside any creamy fish dish.


Gazing at a sunset so staggeringly beautiful you forget to take a picture
The most delicate butter-poached lobster tails
Finally proving to your mother-in-law that there’s more to life than California Chardonnay
Drinking out of your finest Zalto while slinking around your apartment calling everyone “dahhhling” (even/especially your cat)

A chic yet undeniably powerful expression of Cab Sauv: dashing, athletic & nuanced, the kind of wine that seduces you deeply & carefully over the course of a bottle rather than knocking you out in one go with the first sniff (since who wants that???) The nose is like walking into a fancy English apothecary a hundred years ago— dried eucalyptus, sweet tobacco & the gentlest whiff of sandalwood. Darker fruit palate is deep but not lacking freshness, perfectly ripe and balanced by a verdant note of early springtime earth. Velvety cat’s tongue tannins, structured like an exquisitely-tailored Savile Row suit. A food wine that asks all the right questions: adores a great steak, but has the finesse to go lighter if need be.


A square of the fanciest, most intense dark chocolate you can get your hands on
Curling up with an epic novel on an oxblood leather armchair
Dinner with Cary Grant (or at very least your way-high-up boss)
A late night campfire in early September, the smell of the beginning of fall

A sleek & stylish Syrah with a beguiling inner magnetism & seductive glint in its eye— if it were a person it would be some sort of crazy game-changing hybrid of James Bond & James Dean. Fresh & light-bodied, yes, but juicebox-y one-note park wine this Syrah is not! This is a lighter red with a backstory, a glass of wine like a mystery to be solved: it’s like standing in front of a Jackson Pollock painting, an endless parade of new details to uncover. Red & blue fruit flavours stroll hand-in-hand with bright green eucalyptus & swirls of spicy tobacco; classic savoury Syrah notes of crispy bacon, cigar box, & leather saddle are woken up by an electric flash of grape stem on the finish. This is a red that can pair with literally anything, even nothing: it’s a red wine drinker’s aperitif!


A high-stakes second date you’re a little too emotionally invested in
Knocking the socks off of every guest at a table full of wildly divergent palates
Post-motorcycle ride skirt steak al fresco (heavy on the char)
A cheeky solo glass at a sleek granite bar (the best date of all, obviously)

A crystalline & eye-opening rosé of Syrah, as energizing & fresh as the first swim of summertime. A blush of pink grapefruit is brightened by a charming sprinkle of Syrah’s trademark pepper spice. As absurdly easy-drinking as Little Monster can be, this rosé has definitely got some muscle to it— think medium body, luscious texture, & a broad, epic palate of strawberries & cream. The dinner party guest of all our dreams, Little Monster can hang with every dish at the barbecue just as effortlessly as it pairs with an endless conversation & late-night laughs.


A rousing game of backyard backgammon
Accessorizing a linen pantsuit
Speeding up a spicy poolside flirtation
The most ridiculously decadent seafood tower you’ve ever seen