Little Monster

Number of Bottles


Proving rosé is delicious year-round.
The first bottle of the night.
Saving for yourself — sharing can be painful.
Seaside seafood shacks.

Aging rosé can be a mistake, and it can be revelatory. We like to think this is an example of the latter. Despite its age, this rosé remains remarkably fresh and fruity with mango, peach, and a dash of musky melon meshing on the palate. But it’s also mineral, herbal, almost spicy—a different side of our Syrah grapes, but with definite hints of its darker sibling.

• Vintage: 2017
• Grapes: Syrah from Aasha Wines Estate Vineyard
• Appellation: Okanagan Valley Region, Naramata Bench
• ABV: 12.8%
• Acidity: 8.10 g/l tartaric acid
• pH: 3.41
• Vinification: Produced at Okanagan Crush Pad. Rosé by saignée. Aged for five months in stainless steel.
— Recommended Drinking: Now through 2023.

Throw in the fridge for 30 minutes or the freezer for 15, or throw in a bucket of ice. Open up and drink while cold.




There it is, finally. I can’t see it, but the smell is undeniable. Those sweet fools, they can’t help but mingle. The wine makes them slow and I sense my chance is now. Before they realize, it’s too late. Over half is gone, the perfect heist.

Back and forth, it’ll be worth the wait. Sweet, salty, delicious. It always tastes better crispy. My favourite cardigan is the perfect hiding spot. Some for now, some, tucked away for a snack tomorrow.

As I fall asleep in her lap, she has no idea. She gently grazes my head, lovingly. If she only knew of my devious deeds. I give her a soft smile, chuckle to myself. My belly is full, and my eyes heavy.

There’s a reason you know, they call me Little Monster.