Little Monster

Number of Bottles


Shakshuka on a summer Sunday.
French Riviera daydreaming.
Oysters with freshly grated horseradish.
Spicy second dates.

Spicy, yet smooth, seamlessly meshing rich dry apricot notes with bright, zesty lemon and a finishing edge of just-ripe pineapple. Each sip an evolution—first the spice dominates, then the zesty citrus, or perhaps the dried fruit. The lingering finish keeps you coming back for more, searching for just what makes this so special. And then—just when you think you solved the puzzle—the bottle is empty.

• Vintage: 2019
• Grapes: Syrah
• Appellation: Okanagan Valley Region, Similkameen Valley, Naramata Bench
• ABV: 13.4%
• Acidity: 7.05 g/l tartaric acid
• pH: 3.60
• Sugar: Under 2 g/l
• Vinification: Produced at Okanagan Crush Pad. Rosé by saignée. Aged for five months in stainless steel.
— Recommended Drinking: Now through 2025.

Throw in the fridge for 30 minutes or the freezer for 15, or throw in a bucket of ice. Open up and drink while cold.




I love my mornings. Sunlight, warmth, and no sight of my mortal enemies, the pigeons. Mama has a lovely breakfast set out for me. I devour it with a smile. After finishing, I politely escort her to the bathroom. I sit dotingly as she gets ready for her shower but deception is on my mind.

“Did you feed her?”

No answer.

This might actually work.

As I dive into my second meal of the day, I can hear her yell. My smile has doubled. So delightful—I believe they call this brunch.