Summer 21' Mixed Case

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Getting a taste of Aasha and our Okanagan terroir. Our Spring/Summer 21' Mixed Case features one bottle of each of our current releases, Blindsided, Little Monster, Curious Glance, and Crosswinds. A rich textural Viognier, a unique aged rosé, a powerful Cab Sauv, and a smooth and silky Syrah.

A textural marvel with the taste to back it up. The floral aroma beckons you to take sip after sip while the palate reveals subtle layers of apricot, honeysuckle, and a hint of peach. Light in colour, yet lush in texture with beeswax and lanolin notes—this is a deft melding of fresh fruit and a long, rounded finish that comes with age and just the right touch of oak.


Thai takeout— from the good place.
Pleasing Chardonnay and Riesling drinkers with one bottle.
Bringing sunshine to rainy day.
Summer seafood platters.

Save this velvety, crowd-pleasing Cab for summer barbecues with the parents. There’s a spicy quality to the nose that begs for food touched by smoky charcoal and a healthy hit of black pepper. Waves of quince, purple plum, cinnamon, and hints of vanilla wash over the palate to smooth out the spice and any awkward family conversations at once. This is the rare Cab that feels both fresh and classic, with earthy notes of tobacco and leather lingering long after the last sip.


Impressing your father-in-law.
Summer steak dinners.
Cool nights by the fire.
Chocolate that’s just a little too dark and bitter.

Deep and dark, but never brooding. Like a big brawny weightlifter with a PhD in Art History, don’t judge this book by its cover. Mysterious yet welcoming, with flashes of toasted oak, graphite, and spicy white pepper shining through untouched forest floor. Blackberries plums, and dates dance on the palate but this is less about fruit and more a study in finesse and feel.


Date night dinners.
Watching the leaves turn red in fall.
Washing away the workweek.
Blind tastings.

Aging rosé can be a mistake, and it can be revelatory. We like to think this is an example of the latter. Despite its age, this rosé remains remarkably fresh and fruity with mango, peach, and a dash of musky melon meshing on the palate. But it’s also mineral, herbal, almost spicy—a different side of our Syrah grapes, but with definite hints of its darker sibling.


Proving rosé is delicious year-round.
The first bottle of the night.
Saving for yourself—sharing can be painful.
Seaside seafood shacks.