Summer 23' Mixed Case

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Getting a taste of Aasha and our Okanagan terroir. Our Spring/Summer 23' Mixed Case features one bottle of each of our current releases,
  • Silence - An intoxicatingly perfumed Viognier
  • Again - A soul-warming Cab Sauv
  • Leaving Home - An invigorating Syrah
  • Little Monster Vol IV -  A rich and cerebral Merlot Rosé

Some wines just stick in your mind, and this dazzling, generous Viognier will certainly be one of them. Silence is a glamorous, spicy and intoxicatingly perfumed white with an inviting nose of sandalwood and acacia honey. Barrel-fermented, then aged for an additional seven months in oak, the palate is full-bodied as all get out and makes no apologies! If oaked whites are not your vibe, do not come knocking at her door! It is, quite honestly, your loss. Fruit flavours of macerated apricot, caramelized pineapple and ginger-spiked marmalade give way to a long and vigorous finish. Pair with an aromatic Moroccan chicken tagine and your most powerful diva energy.


Cosplaying as Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra
Drinking from a bejeweled golden chalice (if you happen to have one lying around…)
Pre-gaming before a Beyonce concert with your expensive fun aunt
Feeling like the most confident and empowered version of yourself who ever existed!

Again is a brawny yet soul-warming Cab Sauv, the kind of wine that can be poured alongside the most elaborate or the most rustic of meals and feel equally at home with either. The nose of fresh spearmint, bramble fruit and blackcurrant leaf calls to mind a late-night walk through a cozy, wintry forest, wrapped up in the most luxurious blanket of velvety tannin.

The palate is dense, yet strikingly silky: imagine the subtlest note of Madagascar vanilla cutting through a heavenly slice of rich black forest cake. Well-integrated tannin and balanced acidity lead to a decadent, plummy finish sprinkled with pine needles and baking spice. Savour this gorgeous red with braised short rib and truffled mashed potatoes if you’re feeling fancy, or sticky Southern BBQ for a raucous good time.


Binge-watching Succession and channeling your inner Logan Roy
Watching the first snowfall of the year from the top floor of a high rise
Pairing with the most epic holiday dinner you’ve ever cooked
Sipping from a Thermos after ice-skating on a frozen lake

This earthy, crisp Syrah is as fresh and invigorating as a cool morning hike in early autumn, only way lower effort. Reminiscent of the lean, savoury reds of France’s Northern Rhône Valley, Leaving Home kicks things off with a smoky, mineral nose like the opening guitar chord of a guttural garage rock song. This is a serious wine meant to challenge and entice, a wine meant for cool breezes, challenging flavours, and the most intense conversations.

A muscular medium body and grippy cat’s tongue tannins envelop core flavours of purple plum, dried date, and fragrant tobacco. The enduring finish highlights Syrah’s signature meatiness, calling out for a classic steak au poivre as accompaniment.


Chatting around the campfire while wearing red plaid flannel
A restorative nip after taking the kids trick-or-treating
Pretending your apartment kitchen is a cozy Parisian bistro
The messiest smoked meat sandwich and a black leather jacket

This rich and cerebral rosé of Merlot is a wine that creeps up on you like a cat waiting to pounce, a measured crescendo of flavour & texture that demands to be enjoyed with the longest, most luxurious dinners, evenings, and conversations.

Little Monster’s delicate nose of cherry blossom gives way to a placid, almost calming minerality, like the olfactory equivalent of a much-needed spa day. The wine’s hefty palate drinks like the best surprise— the rare surprise party you didn’t know you needed— backed up by an alternately ripe and savoury symphony of flavours: candied strawberry, creamy white peach, Herbes de Provence.

The only thing this wine loves more than food is air: don’t be shy about decanting! Then pair with pesto, crostini and the wildest goat’s cheese you can handle.


Impromptu picnic on the first slightly warm day of spring
Dill pickle chips and your favourite John Hughes movie
Rewarding yourself after solving the New York Times Sunday crossword (without Autocheck!)
Rainbow-gazing after a deep & dramatic thunderstorm