Viognier Mixed Case

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Viognier grapes are originally from France's Rhône Valley, and they are known for their complexity, it has been a welcoming challenge to grow and produce in Canada due to our cooler climate. Our goal is to showcase Viognier's distinct taste profiles, and evolved that over time.

16' Blindsided is a light-colored wine with a lush texture, floral aroma, and subtle layers of apricot, honeysuckle, and peach. 17' The Savant is a dense and expressive white with a plush, round taste that is fruity and has a touch of oak aging. 19' Silence is a full-bodied wine with a spicy and perfumed aroma that is barrel-fermented and aged in oak for seven months. It has intense fruit flavors of macerated apricot, caramelized pineapple, and ginger-spiked marmalade, and a long and vigorous finish.

Together, these three wines offer a unique and diverse tasting experience that showcases the complexity of Viognier grapes.

Unfortunately the 2018 Viognier showed some smoke taint. Because we make such a small amount of wine, we did not want to share that with our friends and fellow wine lovers. We made the difficult decision to skip that vintage.

A textural marvel with the taste to back it up. The floral aroma beckons you to take sip after sip while the palate reveals subtle layers of apricot, honeysuckle, and a hint of peach. Light in colour, yet lush in texture with beeswax and lanolin notes—this is a deft melding of fresh fruit and a long, rounded finish that comes with age and just the right touch of oak.

A dense & expressive white with an innate quality of easy sophistication, this is a Viognier with its moon in Loire Valley Chenin: plush, round & in no way cloying. A judicious touch of oak-aging gives us opulent texture without the overbearing flavour profile, allowing the essence of the grape to take centre stage.

More than anything, this is a wine about fruit: think mango gelato, sparkling IKEA pear drink (if you know you know), caramelized pineapple, or a crystal goblet of tropical fruit salad eaten on a hotel patio in Capri. The mouthfeel is like wearing satin pyjamas while sleeping on satin bedsheets, & its endless finish simply longs to stun alongside any creamy fish dish.

Some wines just stick in your mind, and this dazzling, generous Viognier will certainly be one of them.

Silence is a glamorous, spicy and intoxicatingly perfumed white with an inviting nose of sandalwood and acacia honey. Barrel-fermented, then aged for an additional seven months in oak, the palate is full-bodied as all get out and makes no apologies! If oaked whites are not your vibe, do not come knocking at her door! It is, quite honestly, your loss.

Fruit flavours of macerated apricot, caramelized pineapple and ginger-spiked marmalade give way to a long and vigorous finish. Pair with an aromatic Moroccan chicken tagine and your most powerful diva energy.