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We never intended to be the sole owners of a winery in British Columbia. We love wine and we love the unique climate and terroir of the Naramata Bench. We also live across the country in Toronto. Our intention was to join this project as silent partners but the best laid plans often go awry. When the situation changed and the partnership broke apart, we chose to take a chance.

But the story of Aasha is not ours alone. We set out to find the best people in the region to help us make the best wine possible. Wine we want to drink. Wine that reflects this hopeful little labour of love.  Our winery sits on a small sliver of land in the Naramata Bench region at the northern end of the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. Each of our bottles features an illustration from our talented friend and artist, Reena Mistry, and a whimsical short story from key moments in our lives—the rough contours of the winding road that brought us here.

At 2.8 acres, our sustainably-farmed estate vineyard is amongst the smallest in the region. Our yields are amongst the lowest as well. We farm for quality, not quantity—always striving to produce wine that tells the pure and honest story of our land and the growing season. 

In 2020, we built a new micro-winery on the property but continue to make our wines with the support of Okanagan Crush Pad, where most of our previous vintages were made. In addition to our estate wines, we source Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from other small, top-tier vineyards in the province that are farmed sustainably and produce great fruit.

Our wines carry our stories, but we hope they can now play a part in the moments and stories shared around your dinner table.