Cab Sauv Mixed Case

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Embark on a journey with these three Cabs that showcase the diversity of the Cabernet Sauvignon varietal. Start with our 16' Curious Glance, a smooth and spicy Cab that pairs perfectly with summer barbecues. Its fresh yet classic profile will prepare your palate for what’s to come.

Next up is our 17' Time, a chic and nuanced expression of the varietal. Its deep fruit palate balanced by a verdant earthy note, structured tannins, and finesse make it a perfect food wine. This wine will take your palate on a sophisticated adventure that’s sure to satisfy.

Finally, finish your journey with the brawny yet soul-warming Again from 18'. It has a dense, silky palate with a subtle note of vanilla, rich black forest cake, and a finish sprinkled with pine needles and baking spice, make it the perfect companion for a hearty meal. This wine is a cozy embrace that will leave your palate satisfied and wanting more.

Together, these three wines offer a range of experiences for your taste buds, from the smooth and classic to the nuanced and structured, to the dense and silky. Indulge in this Cabernet Sauvignon journey and discover the beauty and diversity of this noble grape grown in the heart of Naramata, B.C. 

Save this velvety, crowd-pleasing Cab for summer barbecues with the parents. There’s a spicy quality to the nose that begs for food touched by smoky charcoal and a healthy hit of black pepper. Waves of quince, purple plum, cinnamon, and hints of vanilla wash over the palate to smooth out the spice and any awkward family conversations at once.

This is the rare Cab that feels both fresh and classic, with earthy notes of tobacco and leather lingering long after the last sip.

A chic yet undeniably powerful expression of Cab Sauv: dashing, athletic & nuanced, the kind of wine that seduces you deeply & carefully over the course of a bottle rather than knocking you out in one go with the first sniff (since who wants that???) The nose is like walking into a fancy English apothecary a hundred years ago— dried eucalyptus, sweet tobacco & the gentlest whiff of sandalwood.

Darker fruit palate is deep but not lacking freshness, perfectly ripe and balanced by a verdant note of early springtime earth. Velvety cat’s tongue tannins, structured like an exquisitely-tailored Savile Row suit. A food wine that asks all the right questions: adores a great steak, but has the finesse to go lighter if need be.

Again is a brawny yet soul-warming Cab Sauv, the kind of wine that can be poured alongside the most elaborate or the most rustic of meals and feel equally at home with either. The nose of fresh spearmint, bramble fruit and blackcurrant leaf calls to mind a late-night walk through a cozy, wintry forest, wrapped up in the most luxurious blanket of velvety tannin.

The palate is dense, yet strikingly silky: imagine the subtlest note of Madagascar vanilla cutting through a heavenly slice of rich black forest cake. Well-integrated tannin and balanced acidity lead to a decadent, plummy finish sprinkled with pine needles and baking spice. Savour this gorgeous red with braised short rib and truffled mashed potatoes if you’re feeling fancy, or sticky Southern BBQ for a raucous good time.