In A Moment

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Confounding the expectations of any dyed in the wool Burgundy aficionado
Julia Child’s Braised Rabbit (from The French Chef Cookbook
Ringside seats at a high stakes boxing match 
The crunch of autumn leaves under black stiletto heels 

In A Moment is a cerebral, medium-bodied red that will low-key usurp all dinner party banter inspiring every guest at the party to call out flavour after flavour as it evolves over the course of a meal. Ruby and crystalline in the glass, In A Moment is an ode to Pinot Noir’s savoury side: smoky notes of leather and tobacco call perfectly beat-up motorcycle jackets and big The Outsiders energy to mind; on the palate, red fruit flavours of plum, raisin and balsamic-drizzled strawberry intermingle with herbaceous aromas of dried sage and thyme, all rounded out by a Niçoise olive kick. Impeccably balanced and endlessly complex, this is the kind of wine that you’ll be thinking about for weeks on end— make sure to cellar a few bottles (anywhere from 1-5 years) for further inspiration and heightened intensity.

• Vintage: 2018
• Grapes: Pinot Noir from Mariposa Vineyard (Cawston) and Lost acres Vineyard (Kelowna)
• Appellation: Okanagan Valley Region
• ABV: 12.8%
• Acidity: 4.40 g/l tartaric acid
• pH: 3.97
• Vinification: Punching down processing during the alcoholic fermentation, aged in French barrel for 8 months. (33% new barrels , 33% one year old barrels and 33 % two year old barrels.)
• Recommended Drinking: now through 2027

Open the bottle to give it a little air, then throw it in the fridge for anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour (depending on your personal chilled red comfort level) If you want to get fancy, you can decant this one for 20-30 minutes as well.




Summer days are filled with quiet waiting. It comes when it does, not when you want. It's never early, only late. It comes at 2 pm every day, and every day you patiently wait.

The walk over to the box is filled with tempered excitement, cautiously keeping your expectations reasonable. The twist of the key makes you giddy, and the mix of khaki and white envelopes unleashes butterflies in your stomach. Sadly, nothing meaningful today. The hot day will drag on for longer than it needs to.

The faked nonchalance on the walk over dissipates as it's finally here. You can barely contain yourself on your way back home, resisting the urge to rip open the thick white envelope as your rushed walk turns into a sprint.

Breathe. In a moment, it might be everything you wanted.